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October 17, 2017

Instant Oatmeal Packets

Whether you're in need of breakfast on-the-go or want to make something special for someone, these instant oatmeal packets are a nice healthy morning treat | via @AimeeMarsLiving | #Instant #Oatmeal #Packets #Homemade

Jump to Recipe Let me tell you a little about my best friend because she is THE BEST! Bestie’s get this label for a reason, right? We’ve known each other since freshman year of college, but it wasn’t until our senior year during 2 crazy internships in NYC that we really became true friends. I […]

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Exceptionally cheesy and super creamy, this Pancetta Pumpkin Baked Pasta (aka pumpkin mac & cheese) is fall's guiltiest flavorful pleasure | via @AimeeMarsLiving | #Pumpkin #Pasta #Mac&Cheese
October 14, 2017

Pancetta Pumpkin Baked Pasta

Jump to Recipe Guys… 😍 Are there 4 words that go together better than pancetta, pumpkin, baked and pasta (aka pumpkin mac & cheese) when the air is potentially turning crisp and you’re daydreaming about your sweater collection?!? Living in Charleston I’ll be daydreaming about my sweaters only because it’s unlikely I’ll be wearing them, […]

18 Minutes is all it takes to make this delicious sesame honey glazed chicken paired with snap peas and broccolini for a complete meal with a magical sauce | via @AimeeMarsLiving | #Sesame #Chicken #Quick
October 10, 2017

Sesame Honey Glazed Chicken

Jump to Recipe 18 minutes friends! 18 Minutes is all it takes to make this delicious sesame honey glazed chicken. You can do almost anything for 18 minutes, right? Well, maybe… When it comes to making dinner during chaos though anything under the 20 min mark is magical. You know what else is magical? This […]

If craving a truly fall-like soup then this creamy, vegetarian Spicy Acorn Squash Soup is the answer to your seasonal dreams | via @AimeeMarsLiving | #AcornSquash #Soup #Spicy #Fall
October 6, 2017

Spicy Acorn Squash Soup

Jump to Recipe I got a little excited at the grocery store the other day and bought 6 beautiful green and orange spotted acorn squash (squashes??). Kinda like that time I bought 5 cans of pumpkin purée with no recipe for pumpkin anything planned whatsoever. It happens… Not that this weird food hoarding-type behavior is […]

Loaded with Havarti cheese, creamed spinach, and garlic roasted lentils, these baked sweet potatoes really are the best ever | via @AimeeMarsLiving | #Loaded #SweetPotatoes #Lentils
October 3, 2017

Best Ever Vegetarian Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Jump to Recipe Guys… I honestly think I could describe the amazingness that is these vegetarian loaded sweet potatoes in emojis and call it a very good day! A very good day friends, because this meal is what my healthy vegetarian dreams are made of… Let’s chat sweet potatoes cause I understand quite a few […]