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The Best of 2017

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I’m not going to lie, I like goals and fresh starts, so it’s no surprise New Years gets me all tingly inside and I go into a goal-setting, resolution planning frenzy. A brand new planner and perfectly matching pen, yep 2018 I got them ready! However, I too often fall short of such plans only for Feb 1st to arrive and I’m all “wait, let’s start this all over again.”

I have a feeling I’m not alone… Seems like a popular topic these days.

2017 has really been the year of the start-overs for me. This isn’t ideal because it means I’ve not yet been able to achieve those goals I set back on Jan 1st of this year. The “yet” though is key in that previous statement because I’ve continued to get back up as life has knocked me down. Life has been kind to me though, I choose to view it this way, but it’s been tough and certain experiences this year have really made me aware of focusing on the positive. Notice I didn’t say I’ve achieved a positive mindset, still working on that too.


This new year, as the 2017 dust settles, I’ll be focusing on the follow-through and finishing up along with choosing a positive outlook.

As I reflect I’m also focused on the good from the year past. Some notable moments are how I moved this site from “lifestyle blog” to more specifically a food-based blog and then narrowed down the specifics even more to dinner recipes. Even though I blog about food the question “what do I make for dinner” still lingers strong. I feel like I’ve defined a space to not only help my decision-defunct self but something you can use as well.

I’ve also learned what doesn’t work in our current state of hectic life with two full-of-life toddlers. While this sounds slightly negative, it’s not, because now I know what NOT to do. Half the battle.

Lastly, and what I’m most excited about, is getting my drive and enthusiasm to crush it at life back (and by “crush” it I mean I’ve defined my own terms for that too).

Now that we’ve gone through those deep thoughts let’s talk about what you liked here. Many of my most popular recipes were in fact breakfast recipes and snacks, but as I started to focus on dinner recipes those started to become more and more popular as well. The list below has the top 10 most popular recipes from the year and I’m curious to know which were your favorites.

Top 10 Recipes of 2017

I always find it fascinating what I loved versus what ended up being the biggest recipe hits. Below I’ve listed the recipes I loved preparing, making and obviously devouring the most.

My Personal Favorites


I hope and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and that 2018 is the year of your dreams!


Aimee Mars

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Even though I'm obessed with food I found myself wondering what to cook for dinner. I decided to find a solution and stop (okay limit) my take out trips with a site dedicated to dinner recipes.

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