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About Aimee

I grew up in the Heart of Dixie, Alabama, and moved to New
York City after graduating from college to follow my dreams.
There I worked many years in the fashion industry and
eventually started my own clothing label. It was an amazing
and exciting time in my life, but also one that was a huge
learning experience.

My husband and I met at a Starbucks by random chance and
at the time he didn’t even drink coffee. We had an amazing
southern wedding in Alabama and I wore a purple wedding
dress of my own design. We continued to live in New York
City for many years later and even had our first child there.

Shortly after becoming pregnant with our second child we
decided it was time for some more space. Instead of packing
up and moving to Brooklyn we decided to head south to
Charleston, SC. We absolutely love living here and have just
moved into our first home.

I have always sought to live a balanced, stylish, and overall
healthy life and passionately believe you can live your
dreams and do it all.

About My Recipes

Though I’d been cooking since I was little, all of my recipes were made with one person in mind, me. However, when I married my husband I realized I’d have to start thinking of more than just myself, especially if I wanted him to eat since we have very different food preferences.

Initially, all my recipes were very healthy. As our family grew I knew I would need to strike a balance between eating the foods we all loved, many of which are healthy, and those we liked to indulge in.

  • The majority of my recipes are healthy and I love cooking with seasonal produce.
  • Much of the inspiration comes from my southern roots and life living in New York City.
  • Breakfast recipes are some of my favorite meals to prepare, but I love creating new easy dinner recipes for my family too.

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